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Welcome to 75 LaSalle and Center Park Place West Hartford, CT

People are eager to live in West Hartford Center and we’re excited to propose two new buildings next to and behind the glass “Webster Bank” building at 53-65 LaSalle Road. We plan to call them “75 LaSalle & Center Park Place”, respectively, which will bring luxury residential mixed-use infill development to the Town.


Our plans include 58 condominiums in the larger of the two buildings to be located behind the bank, 25 rental units of which 4 will be price-restricted workforce apartments over street-level retail/restaurant space in a smaller building at the corner of LaSalle and Arapahoe, garage parking under the condominium building, two public access pedestrian walkways with landscaping leading from LaSalle Road into the center of the site, and a landscaped public space with benches on Arapahoe Road at the westerly end of the site. The existing commercial buildings on the site will remain with their surroundings and parking options much improved by these changes.


What is the name of the project?

The apartment building is 75 LaSalle. The condominiums are Center Park Place.

How many units will be available?

There will be 58 condominiums built at Center Park Place for sale.

There will be 25 apartments available for rent at 75 LaSalle, which is on the corner of LaSalle Road and Arapahoe Road.


Which streets will access Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle?

From Arapahoe Road there is private access to parking for homeowners, which is separated by a park. The public parking garage and the surface parking entrance are located off Arapahoe. There is no vehicle entrance from LaSalle or Farmington Avenue.  

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