Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of the project

A: The apartment building is 75 LaSalle. The condominiums are Center Park Place.

Q: What are the next steps in the approval process with the town?

A: An application of the proposed development was filed with the Town Council. The proposal will be referred to the Planning & Zoning Commission for determination of required uses. The Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) will make a formal recommendation to the Town Council, subject to a comprehensive review with town staff and appropriate commissions.  Included in the application is a Traffic Impact Study.

Q: How many condominiums will be for sale?

A: There will be 58 condominiums built at Center Park Place.

Q: How many apartments will be available for rent?

A: There will be 25 apartments built at 75 LaSalle, which is on the corner of LaSalle Road and Arapahoe Road.

Q: How many workforce housing apartments will be available for rent?

A: There will be 4 workforce housing apartments.

Q: Will the project replace existing green space?

A: The location of the project is older asphalt parking lots, as well as an abandoned former dentist office/house and an insurance business/house. Two landscaped public walkways will connect the neighborhoods around the Center from LaSalle as well as a newly created fully landscaped space will abut the residential area. There will also be a pedestrian plaza.

Q: What’s the physical description of Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle?

A: 75 LaSalle is five stories total; 4 levels of apartments on top of one level of ground floor retail space that is approximately 3500 square feet. The lobby is in the rear of the building.

Center Park Place, which is set back from the street, has 4 levels of condominiums above three levels of parking which two are underground.

Q: What will the economic impact of the new buildings be for West Hartford?

A: An independent study on the economic impact of the project is currently being conducted. The project will have an extraordinary and significant economic benefit to the existing merchants and businesses in the Center as well as a substantial positive impact on the town’s tax base, which helps every West Hartford taxpayer.

Q: Total amount of parking spaces?

A: There will be 218 new parking spaces; 57 spaces on Level 1, 80 spaces on Level 2, and 81 indoor of Center Park Place.  There are also 11 outdoor spaces.

Q: When will construction begin?

A: Pending approvals from the town, the project is scheduled to break ground in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Q: How long will construction last?

A: Construction will last for approximately two years. Construction will be phased starting with the underground parking garages to lessen the impact on parking in the area, then the Center Park Place condominiums, then the apartments. During construction, the commercial parking will be allowed to park on the surface spaces on Arapahoe Road and the Town Center Parking Garage.

Q: What amenities will the Center Park Place offer?

A: The condominiums will offer a pool, private rooftop space, greenspace, and a fitness room.

Q: What retail stores will be in 75 LaSalle?

A: The first level of the apartment building will offer approximately 3500 square feet of retail space.

Q: Will there be new public green spaces?

A: A new fully landscaped public space will be located on the west end of the property, abutting the residential neighborhood. The area will be landscaped and lit, and offer public seating areas.

Q: What is the price point for Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle?

A: Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle will be reflective of a modern condominium price point.

Q: Which streets will access Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle?

A: From Arapahoe Road there is private access to parking for homeowners, which is separated by landscape public space. The public parking garage and the surface parking entrance are located off Arapahoe. There is no vehicle entrance from LaSalle or Farmington Avenue.

Q: Will the commercial buildings remain on Arapahoe?

A: Two of the three commercial buildings will be taken down. The third, 10 Arapahoe, will remain as a commercial building.

Q: Will the number of public parking spaces on LaSalle Road be changed?

A: No, changes will not be made to the public parking spaces on LaSalle Road.

Q: Will there be public walkways on Farmington Avenue and 75 LaSalle?

A: There will be two landscaped, lit public walkaways connecting LaSalle Road to Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle. There will not be access from Farmington Avenue.

Q: Who are the architects and engineers working Center Park Place and 75 LaSalle?

A: Beinfield Architectures of South Norwalk are the design architects and Bohler Engineering, of West Hartford, are the civil engineers and landscape architects.

Q: What time of day will construction take place?

A: All construction will abide by West Hartford Town Ordinances regarding construction noise.

Q: What will be the traffic route for construction vehicles?

A: All construction vehicles will enter Arapahoe Road from LaSalle Road.

Q: Is there additional traffic information?

A:  Our consulting traffic engineer indicates that when Woodrow is busiest (peak am and pm hour of the day), and given the current one-way pattern on LaSalle Road, the projected highest number of new cars on the street the residents will experience, will be one new vehicle every 2 to 4 minutes.  Again, that rate is at the busiest time.  During the day (after morning rush and before evening rush hour), it will be considerably fewer.

Further, as people continue to adjust to the one-way pattern on LaSalle, exiting trips from the development site are expected to exit towards LaSalle to utilize the signal for the left-turn onto Farmington Avenue instead of taking the unsignalized left-turn at Woodrow Street and Farmington Avenue, particularly during peak traffic times. Should this pattern occur, the estimated number of trips on Woodrow are estimated to be reduced even further.